The mill is lightweight and portable.

Transported in a trailer, its component parts can be carried or
wheeled by one operator and assembled close to, or actually around, the felled tree.

This means that vehicular access is not required either to move the fallen tree or to bring in the mill.

The mill normally operates with a circular sawblade to produce square section boards, planks or beams up to 9½ins x 9½ins.

If wider sections are required or waney edged boards or perhaps curved sectioned timber, a ‘slabbing’ attachment is fitted.  This allows timber of widths up to an amazing 1.5 metres to be cut.

In either set up tree trunks of up to 6 metres in length can be converted.

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The portability of the mill allows us to work in areas of limited access
The dismantled rig fits into a small trailer for ease of access
Moving a heavy beech slab
Slabbing a 140 year old beech tree
Three scots pines milled amongst the azaleas
Using the mill's circular sawblade to produce square section timber
We can also supply sawn larch ~ ideal for all outdoor uses. Milled to your specification and delivered straight from the woods.  Contact us here >